Safdarzadeh Haghighi

The collection of works by master Mohammad Reza Safdarzadeh Haghighi, Isfahan carpet


Collection of Works

Master Mohammad Reza Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi

Among his outstanding works are the: Khursheed (the sun), Four seasons, Alavi, setareh (Star), Girl with hair, bahar (Spring) and The bouquet.


Master Mohammad Reza Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi

He was born in 1349 in Isfahan, he was born in a religious and artistic family, this valuable art was in his nature; They learned this magnificent art under the supervision of their father.

Master Haj Yadullah Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi

The carpets donated by the master are: Haft Shahr Eshq carpet, Macca, ramze hasti, Paradise, Coral Garden carpet, Fish World carpet.

Master Haj Mahdi khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi

Grand Father
The carpets by the master are: Afshari Emami carpet, Daghianous carpet



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